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Pike County has a rich and colorful history. Created in 1821, Pike County encompassed at the time all the land between the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers northward, including at the time the small village of Chicago. It was reduced to its present size in 1825. Pike County was home to Free Frank McWorter, the first African American to incorporate a town. John Hay and John Nicolay, two of Abraham Lincoln's personal secretaries, made their homes in Pike during the 1850s. Lincoln himself made several visits to Pike County, with many of the homes he frequented still standing, including the Shastid House.

The Historic East School building, home to the PCHS, is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Pike County Historical Society Archives

We intend to provide electronic means to view various documents and photos from the PCHS collection. Links below will take you to pdf files and images from Pike's past.


Pike History • Autumn 2010

The first issue of the online magazine Pike History, featuring a story about the Southside of the Pittsfield Square. PikeHistory.pdf You may also view an interactive version of the magazine here.

Dick Heitholt Speech • April 30, 2010

Mr. Heitholt spoke to the PCHS about his days living in Pike County and working for the Pittsfield school system. Heitholtspeech.pdf

R.T. Dinsmore Memoir • 1979

Robert Truman Dinsmore was interviewed by Michael Boren in 1979. Mr. Dinsmore recalled life in Nebo at the turn of the 20th Century. Divided into two parts. Dinsmore Vol. I.pdf & Dinsmore Vol. II.pdf


Various photos from Pike's past.

This page is a collection of photos from Pike County's past. Photos.html


Wilsey Barn